Tour Agreement



The parties to this contract are Kemal Elgin Bulvarı 164. Sok. No:2 Siteler-Marmaris/ MUĞLA with the internet address of Koral Turizm Ticaret Ltd. Şti (hereinafter referred to as Koral Turizm) and the consumer whose name, surname and address are specified in the tour registration form.

SUBJECT       :

It covers the mutual rights and obligations of the parties regarding the sale and performance of package tours or daily excursion tours purchased by the consumer from Koral Turizm.


The full fee must be paid at the time of registration. If the fee is not paid at the time of registration, the consumer cannot claim any rights.


1) All services included in the price are detailed in the promotional brochures and promotions related to the daily sightseeing tour or package tour, and the tours and services other than these are subject to an extra fee. In particular, the purchased service; The cost of extra food, beverage, personal expenses, transportation, all goods and services out of the program that the consumer will receive outside the scope of the Package Tour or daily sightseeing tour are not included in the tour price. Visa and passport procedures, service fees, museum-architecture entrance fees are not included in the tour price unless it is specifically stated in the promotion, announcement and brochures that they belong to Koral Turizm.

2) Koral Tourism can change the daily sightseeing tour or package tour program and its content, provided that it adheres to the specified standards and notifies the consumer in advance.

3) Airplane, ferry, train, bus, etc. The departure times of the transportation vehicles are the hours that are valid on the date of the contract. Koral Turizm is not responsible in any way for the changes in the tariffs to be made by the carrier companies and the delays, delays and delays that may occur in the tour program due to the delay of the departure time of the transportation vehicle. For this reason, the consumer shall apply to the carrier institution for any damage that may occur.

4) The contractual aircraft, ferry, train, bus, etc. The place of departure of the transportation vehicles, the hours and the number of trips should be checked before the trip. Changes can be made for any reason, depending on the means of transportation or not. While Koral Turizm notifies the consumer of the tour movement details, the consumer is also responsible for learning these details. If the consumer is late for the transportation vehicles within the scope of the tour for any reason arising from himself / not due to the failure of Koral Tourism to fulfill its obligations, Koral Turizm has no responsibility / obligation to return due to the failure / delay of participation in the tour. In this case, the consumer pays the transportation fee required for participation in the tour himself.


1) The package tour or daily excursion tour planned to be released by Koral Tourism can only be made if sufficient participants are provided. Although Koral Tourism has shown all the necessary care, it is an obstacle to the start of the day trip tour or package tour; The day tour or package tour may be canceled or delayed due to insufficient number of participants, adverse weather conditions, road obstruction, strike, terrorism, fog, possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues and all force majeure or any reason not caused by the Consumer. In this case, Koral Turizm cannot be held responsible for the damages arising from the cancellation of the contract, or its failure to perform it at all or properly. However, he/she returns the price received from the consumer within 10 days at the latest without interruption.

2) The consumer may terminate the contract unilaterally, provided that Koral Tourism notifies the termination request in writing.

- In the termination notices made at least 7 days before the start of the package tour (with accommodation); Excluding the expenses arising from compulsory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations, compulsory travel health insurance, visa fees, and non-refundable payments made for package tours (such as transportation, accommodation costs) the participant is entitled to the price paid without any deductions. is returned. Since the tickets are bought as group tickets for trips by plane, train, ship and land vehicle, the cancellation and change rules of the relevant companies are applied exactly.

3) In the termination notices made less than 48 hours before the start of the package tour or day trip tour, the consumer agrees and undertakes to pay the entire tour price as compensation for withdrawal. Date changes made by the consumer are in the form of termination/cancellation.

4) The consumer may transfer the right to participate in a package tour or a day trip tour to a third party, provided that the package tour or daily excursion tour price has been paid and that Koral Turizm has been notified in writing at least 7 days before the departure date. In this case, the transferor and the transferee of the package tour or daily sightseeing tour are jointly responsible for the payment of all additional expenses arising from the transfer.4)Tüketicinin günübirlik gezi turunun veya paket turun başlangıcını kaçırması durumunda  hareket saatinden sonra 1 saat içerisinde tüketicinin yazılı olarak tura iştirak edeceği Koral Turizm’e bildirilmemiş ise tüketici adına yapılmış tüm rezervasyonlar iptal edilir.Bu durumda tüketiciye herhangi bir bedel iadesi yapılmaz.

5) Buy Koral Turizm's package tour (at least two of the transportation, accommodation and other touristic services that are not considered as ancillary, together with an all-inclusive price or a contract that covers a period of more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation) customers are under the guarantee of PACKAGE TUR SEYAHAT INSURANCE POLICY of GULF SİGORTA A.Ş., which is regulated in accordance with the Travel Agencies Law No. 1618. This travel insurance covers 'non-fulfillment of the commitment', 'not providing the service as promised' and 'return guarantee' under the conditions specified in the policy, limited to the package tour price. Insurance coverage and conditions are detailed in the policy. Koral Turizm does not have any responsibility regarding the content, scope and application forms of the guarantees.


1) The consumer bears all responsibility for the baggage and its contents, is obliged to comply with the laws and conventions governing the vehicle to which he will travel and the facility where he will stay, and to follow and control the belongings with him, that the guide, facility, agency and transportation vehicle authorities have purchased Koral Tourism will comply with the rules declared regarding the service, will not endanger the safety of life and property of third parties, otherwise Koral Tourism will not perform the contracted service and therefore does not have the right to return, Koral Tourism is one of the things that are lost, subject to theft or lost during transportation, accommodation and tour. It accepts, declares and undertakes that Turizm or its employees have no legal and/or criminal liability. Money, valuable papers and similar valuable jewelry should not be kept in the luggage. Koral Tourism cannot be held responsible for valuables in lost luggage.

2) Visa passport procedures belong to the consumer. Since visa procedures are entirely at the discretion of the consulates, Koral Turizm has no responsibility for not obtaining a visa. Since obtaining a visa does not guarantee entry to that country, Koral Tourism has no responsibility for those who are not accepted into the country, and therefore does not pay any refunds or compensation.

3) Consumers who do not sign the contract but participate in the tour subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted the terms of the contract when the consumers they have assigned to register on their behalf sign this contract.

4) The TÜRSAB Arbitration Board is authorized for disputes arising from the contract.

5) The consumer is responsible for the accuracy of the names declared in the contract. THIS PACKAGE TOUR AND DAILY TRIP TOUR AGREEMENT HAS BEEN READ AND ACCEPTED BY SIGNING TOGETHER WITH NEGOTIATION AND CONTROL.