Get away from the crowds and participate in a unique and memorable exploration in Manavgat city. Antalya Manavgat River Cruise is an excursion that combines everything you need for a relaxing and exciting exploration. Enjoy a river boat trip, observe stunning landscapes, visit an authentic bazaar and spend your day in an imposing and charming setting.


Antalya Manavgat River Cruise starts in the morning. A modern, comfortable and fully air conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Antalya. Our team members will drive you towards Manavgat, where the boat is. Once you are there, you will enter the boat and enjoy an exceptional and relaxing river cruise. The river cruise has an approximate duration of three hours. During that time, guests can relax and enjoy the sun on the deck.

For the nature lovers, this river cruise offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the landscape. Take this chance to snap some photos as Manavgat River is of unique natural beauty. The boat will be passing from some fish farms and river shipyards. An interesting highlight is that if you are lucky enough, you may see some river turtles along the riverbank.

A break is scheduled to take place at a very interesting location, where the river meets the Mediterranean Sea. There, you can enjoy swimming in cold and warm waters and walk in a quiet and secluded sandy beach. During the break, you can also explore the surrounding area by taking a short walk around the beach.

Antalya Manavgat River Cruise

Right after this small break, the boat will continue on its way towards the city of Manavgat. There, you will have some free time to spend as you wish and according to your interests. On Mondays and Thursdays there is a local bazaar where you can find interesting items. As bazaars are part of the Turkish culture, it will be an interesting experience to visit this local market and observe from first-hand how bargaining works.

During your free time there, you can also visit the exceptional Manavgat Waterfall and admire the beauty of nature. The Waterfall is located at a short distance and those who are interested can use a shuttle bus. When the free time is over, a vehicle will transfer you back to Antalya. This exciting exploration of Manavgat ends once you arrive back to your hotel. By that moment you will be relaxed and full of positive emotions. Antalya Manavgat River Cruise will be a long lasting memory from your holidays


Departure to Manavgat

Arrive to Mnavgat River and embark to Boat

Sailing on the river and arrive to the beach

Lunch and swim break

Return to the Manavgat for Local Bazaar

Return to the Hotel

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Departure to Manavgat

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