Marmaris & İcmeler

Marmaris & Icmeler

Icmeler ,with its fantastic beach and dramatic secenery ,and Marmaris ,Turkey 's most sophisticated and multi-faceted resort  
The fjord-like Bay of Marmaris, on which the twin resort of Marmaris and Icmeler are situated, is hemmed in by rolling pine covered hills which sweep around to form a stunning and dramatic backdrop to the resorts. Lined with a double row of majestic palms, the seafront at Marmaris is edged with a long sand &shingle beach, with its new traffic free promenade stretching from the marina all the way round the bay to Icmeler.It has a sophisticated ''Riviera'' feel to it ,vaguely reminiscent of Nice.Marmaris offers something for everone:smart shops ,Old Quarter cafes tucked away winding back streets,restaurants to suit every palate and wallet and chic discos and bars to tae you well int the night. The newer resort of Icmeler ,one little more tha part of Marmaris ,has blossomed into a delightful resort in its own right with a very individiual charm.Icmeler's prime raison d'etre is its suberb beach,now flanked by lush gardens leading to impressive hotels.There 's little need to stray far,day or night,as Icmeler is complete with an array of good quality and reasonably priced resturants,bars and discos.but if yo do a fancy of scene the trip into Marmaris is easy ,either by taxi or dolmus. Approx. transfers from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris  1 hr 30 mins ; Icmeler 1 hr 45 mins. 
Marmaris is perheps the most European of Turkish resorts,although a venture into maze of narrow streets which make up the Old Quarter soon reveals a very Turkish atmosphere.Old men sit in the shade playing backgammon just yards from the more sophisticated bars of the seafront while,beyond the town square,the market area isthronged with local life.To witness this is an exprinence in itself,since hordes of vehciles arrive loaded to the gunnels with locals who are going to buy and sell items as diverse as leather goods ''designer'' watches ,straw mats and aromatic herbs and spices .Meanwhile ,the smart shops of Marmaris offer temptation in the form of intricate jewellery and ,of course the ubiqutous rugs and carpets-who can resis? Sandwiching the Old Quarter are to one side Netsel Marina,home to quality designrs shops ,smart quayside resturants,and open air amphiteatre cinama ,and marina housing majestic yachts.To other is newer district of the resort where the most of featured properties are situated.Marmaris is lively and bustles well into the small hours with bars and smart discos providing yet another dimension to the most faceted of resorts. 
 Marmaris derives its name from a comment made by Sultan Süleyman the  Magnificent on a visit to the area.Rather unfairly,when he saw the  town,then known as Physkos,he uttered the words “mimara as”,meaning  “hang the architect.” Much has changed since then-Marmaris is now a very  established and well laid-out resort which now boasts a wide range of  facilities whilst retainin its traditional seafaring heritage.The ‘in  place’for the yacht crowd,ıt boasts one of Turkeys major yacht ports  and the modern ‘world class’ Netsel Marina which is overlooked by a 14th  century Ottomen castle which houses two museums and also overlooks the  labyrinth of streets in the Old Town and some glorious coastline  surrounded by pine-clad ‘Nordic-style’ mountains. With Marmaris ever  increasing influx of visitors it has almost grown in to a mini  city,offering approximately 4 km of hustle and bustle and a variety of  contrasting areas.There is now also a new widened promenade that runs  from the Netsel Marina end of Marmaris right through to lcmeler.Marmaris  is a haven for ‘shopaholics’.With a superb selection of bars and  restaurants,the town centre is traffic-free and filled to bursting point  with’bazaars’and shops.Dont take offence at the shopkeepers when they  constantly invite you to examine their wares over a glass of tea.Leather  and gold shops abound as well as stalls selling backgammon sets and evi  leye ornaments. At sunset,go down to the harbour and watch the world go  by from the numerous bars and restaurant lining the sea  front.Alternatively,stroll along the ‘Beach-front’/promenade stretch  where there is a watering hole to suit everyone’s tastes. The new Netsel  Marina comlex is definitely worth a visit.It houses sophisticated  shops,excellent restaurants and an open-air cinema that shows up-to-date  English language films.About2 kms east along the coastal road you will  find the Atatürk National Park which is popular with the locals at the  weekends and where they bar-b-que.and picnic under the trees and dip in  the river which leads into the sea.Even further along this road is the  Yalancı Boğazı which is a man-made link,connecting the mainland to  Paradise Island.This arae is used as a boat yard and yacht parkland. 
Your Kind Of Resort?  
Marmaris is long and narrow ,spreading three miles along a stunningly scenic ccoastline ,with its sandy/shingle beach about 20 munits walk from the orginal old town.Perheps the most sophisticated of Turkish summer resorts ,it is well planned blend of lazy days and lively nights 
Once considred part of Marmaris,Icmeler has blossomed into one of the most cosmopolitan and well -planned reors in Turkey,offering a superb range for the holiday maker.The main focal point is the fantastic beach which contrasts sharply with dramatic backdroop of lush, green mountains rising behind the resort.The relaxing atmosphere soon takes over the visitors nd days will be spent sunbathing,puring watersports ,exploring Marmaris or taking boat trips around the bays ,seeking out deserted beaches.For evenings out ,you are spoilt for choice .Icmeler offers its own widw range od restaurants ,bars and discosand there are many more in Marmaris where the nights are even livelier. A palm fringed promenade sets the scene in this riviera style resort.All sizes of sailing craft bob at anchor in the bay or bask in their moorings at the modern marina and the harbour is busy with half day boat trips, visiting cruise liners, low lying hydrofolis and colourful gulets.Watersports fans who flock to the baech arae rewarded with wide range of options.Sunbathers form an appreciative audience for windsurfers and waterskiers, fallowing the silent passage of paragliders overhead, unaware of the roar of jetskis on the wate, deprived of the ish eye view which scuba divers are enjoying.Behind all this is a busy town with a cosmopolitan air, shops, bars and resturants line the promenade and litter the narrow streets of Marmaris old town, where Turkish lokantas serve typical fare and there is plenty here for the shopaholic in the chic boutiqes and bustling bazaar.Souvenirs range from cheap cotton T-ssirts to sweet smelling , soft leather jackets and kaleidoscope carpets and kilims. History buffs are not forgotten ,for all is overseen by an Ottoman fortress from the 14th century.If Marmaris is busy during the day, it positively brstles with life after dark.Innumerable bars take the nightsift awy from he beach to Bar Street and the marina. The name Icmeler derives from the Turkish verb “Içmek”,meaning to  drink,and indeed everyone does just that because the area is  surroundedby cool,clear,mineral water springs.Set at the foot of the  pine-clad Palamut Hills,legendary for its breathtaking setting  encircling its pale sandy bay,sits this lovely resort,the smaller and  slightly more leisurely and laid-back resort to its sister,Marmaris. Icmeler  offers its visitors a chance to take refuge from the hustle and bustle  of Marmaris but offers the visitors the best of all worlds-a typical  beach-style holiday with an excellent selection of shops,bars and  restaurants,while a short stroll takes you to the Old village,where a  traditional way of life stil exists.Again,if you are attracted by the  hustle and bustle of Marmaris,a short,cheap dolmus journey will take you  there,or alternativelyistroll along the newly widened promenade that  runs all the way to the Netsel Marina at the other end of  Marmaris.Icmeler has grown considerably over the years and is now a  complete resort within its own right.All along the beachfrontyou will  sea a parade of smart hotels,whilst behind this area is the more  residential “apart”area with quieter streets all designed on a grid  system.The further inland you go,towards the original village of  Icmeler,the quieter it gets.For a relaxing couple of hours why not take  a stroll up to the village and have a drink at the local ‘khave’(coffe  shop)and play ‘okay’or backgammon with the locals? From Turkish  to Chinese,Italian to İndian,expensive fish to cheap soup kitchensthe  choice is is said that Marmaris now has approximately 4,000  restaurants!
 Turunc;, full of character with spectacular scenery ! Originally accessible only by sea, the road from Marmaris to Içmeler has been extended over the mountains to take you through pine forests and stretches of wild flowers descending on the mountain road into Turunc; is dramatic and spectacular. Foothills smooth into a small coastal plain fringed by a 500m-long sand&shingle beach, lapped by the clearest of blue seas at the entrance to Marmaris Bay. Turunc; is small, so getting to know the place and its friendly locals is soon accomplished, leaving you time to soak up the atmosphere,sun and splendour of this stunning resort.During the long,hot days many yachts drop anchor to let their passengers explore the bay, swim the clear waters and savour good quality seafood dishes in the local restaurants but as evening saunters in and visiting yachts slip their moorings to return to Marmaris, the village comes to life with is many bars,some often open till quite late, alternatively amble to a beachside restaurant and the consequet culinary indulgence. You probably won’t want to stray far from Turunc;, but if the desire to see cosmopolitan Marmaris takes you 45-minute boat crossing will get you there and a full programme of excursions is available from your in-resort representative. Transfer from Dalaman Airport 2 hours 45 mins(approx).  
 An idyllic fishing harbour,with stunning scenery and excellent restaurants ! Protruding between the Greek islands of Symi to the South and Kos to the north,the claw-like peninsula of Datca reaches out 100 kms from Marmaris to the ancident Carian city of Knidos at the tip.The road to Datca passes through breathtaking scenery of pine-clad hills,where dense woods suddenly give way to spectacular views od deep-blue seas and glimpses of deserted coves and instanty imprint themselves on one’s memory.The first impression of Datca is its unspoilt charm,amply displayed by the bougainvillaea-cloaked houses nestling between the twin bays.The marina entices many yachts,plying their way along this superb coast to drop anchor and delight in the relaxed hospitality,so readily offered.It proves diffucult to be bored in Datca:days slip by unnoticed,soaking up the sun,enjoying pre-dinner drinks and savouring delicious meals in waterside lokantas.For the active there are watersports, excursions to Knidos and Bodrum ,and boat trips to unbelievably beautiful coves and beaches.Shops,too,manage to display a surprisingly diverse selection of goods and,as they’are open til late,you can browse to your heart’s content before making that special purchase.To round off a perfect day,head for one of Datca bars and let the beat take over from the heat.Datca will captivate you as it did the goddess Aphrodite who,it is said,so loved the village she endowed it with her own beauty.  Transfer from Dalaman Airport approx. 3 ¾ hrs ( possibly including a short stop in Marmaris).   
Favourite bars(at the time of going to pres) :  Nightlife throbs into the early hours of the morning in Marmaris.Why not head for ‘Bar Street’in the Old Town.Some of our favourite bars are Backstreet,Greenhouse,Irish Bar,Horizon,My Moon,Le Petite and B52.For those who like their entertainment a littlequieter,why not visit the harbour/marina front and try out Scorpio Bar which offers a mix of Turkish and English pub-style atmosphere with a pooltable and darts inside or Aquarim Bar where you can relax and have a Cappuccino overlooking the sea-if you feel a little daunted about’doing it alone’,why not join us on our FBI Bar Crawl where the reps will show you how to have a really great time. Alternatively,you can get on down to the main beachfront stretch’the strip’(behind the Burger King)where you will find some more of our favourites:Beachclub,Equinox,Daisy and Salt ‘n’ Pepper.Icmeler has its own bars with some of the coolest sounds around-a couple of our favourites are Heaven,Buffalo,Coco Beach and Deniz Kapı
Favourite restaurant :  Prices are generally reasonable and all main areas of the resort,from the Netsel Marina,the harbour front to the beachfront have anabundance of ‘eateries’to suit everyone.In the Netsel Marina,you will find Antique and Sea Club both excellent.For a cheap,Turkish-style meal why not try Avrasya,one of the many lokantas in the Old Town where you will also find a selection of ‘soup’kitchens.Along the beachfront you will find Dost and Bacchus offering an excellent internatıonal cuisine.If you are looking for a great Italian,then try Uno Momento-they also serve excellent sandwiches throughout the day.For a great Chinese,try Pagoda and a ‘hot’Indian,the Taj Mahal. In Icmeler,you wont be disappointed at the choice.some of our favourites are The Laughing Starfish offering an excellent selection of fish dishes as well as international cuisine.Küçük Ev(little house),The Love Boat and Black Sea.For an afternoon tea and delicious cake,a must is the Lda Cafe Bar(part of the ıde pension) 
Beaches :  Marmaris town beach-this narrow,shingle beach,lined with cafes and restaurant runs from approximately Burger King to the Lidya Hotel(Icmeler direction)offering sunbeds,umbrellas and watersports-can get rather crowded during high season. Icmeler beach-larger/wider than its sister beach in Marmaris,offers a mix of sand and shingle with more space between sunbeds.Open to the sea which means a nice sea breeze blows across this beach(be careful not to burn)There is a promenade lined with cafes,restaurants and bars at one end a very small bazaar area selling souvenir/trinkets.A variety of water sports are also available for those feeling energetic! Turunc; beach-shingle and easterly facing.Very quiet but stil with the usual water sports available.Catch a “Turunc;” dolmus and experience the beautiful mountain scenery and then get on a “water taxi”back to either Icmeler or Marmaris.If you want to try going further afield,please see your representative about some of the unspoilt,fishing villages on the Marmaris Peninsula,such as Hisarönü,Orhaniye and Selimiye. 
Market  : Weekly markets selling everything from teas and spices to cotton towels,’fake’designer T-shirts,handbags and jeans to Turkish Delight and household goods.Do avoid the streetsellers pedalling perfume-the packaging may look good but the smell certanly is not! Marmaris market-sets up on Thursday evenings and runs through to Friday evening.Situated behind the main Sea-front road.A large market selling everything from clothes to fruit and vegetables. Icmeler market-all day Wednesdays(see your rep for datails/directions)Icmeler Market is smaller than Marmaris. Turunc; market-all day Mondays.Again,only a small market