Get away from the crowds and join an amazing full day excursion from Antalya that combines everything you need for a relaxing, pleasurable and informative experience. This Antalya Perge, Aspendo, Kurşunlu Waterfall Tour combines perfectly sightseeing in ancient cities and spots of unappalled natural beauty. Archaeological sites, the tranquil atmosphere of waterfalls and a lot of history are some of the aspects you should expect from this magnificent excursion.

The first stop of this tour will take place at the ancient city of Perge, which is 15km away from Antalya. The city was founded right after the Trojan War and today is one of the most notable archaeological sites of the area from the Roman period. During your time there, the guide will explain everything you need to know about the history and the importance of the settlement.

Your exploration continues towards the next stop, at the ancient city of Aspendos. This particular site used to be one of the most important cultural and economic centres of antiquity due to its location in the banks of Köprüçay River. There, you may observe and admire the impressive Roman theatre that was constructed during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. An interesting highlight is that, the theatre is still being used for various cultural events.

The last stop of this exploration will take your breath away as you will be visiting a spot of unique natural beauty. Kursunlu Waterfalls Natural Park is one of the most visited spots in Antalya due to its spectacular landscape and relaxing atmosphere. There, you can admire the emerald waters cascading from a height of 18 meters and smell the pine scent. Do not Lunch will be here by the waterfall view…

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The first stop of this tour will take place at the ancient city of Perge, which is 15km away from Antalya.

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