» Prima Donna /Lisbeth and Hans Fridén »
29/01/2014 2:10
Mesaj: -Thank You for a fantastic trip to the eastern part of Turkey. It has been an adventure with so many interesting places. The landscape has varied so much in this part of the country. People are so different in living style, that some times you seems to move back in time. The historical places came over us every day. ”Tas” is a magnificent guide, with all his knowledge about all we have been visiting. Know we have a lot of pictures and memories that have to be ”processed". Maybe it will be an article in ”Odyssé” a magazin for the SXK-Swedish Med Sailors.
» Dave and Melinda Gunn, SV Sassoon. »
29/01/2014 2:09
Mesaj: -We have just returned from the 6 days away at Cappadocia and Pamukkale. We had a wonderful time and the guide (Tas ) was excellent. The driver also delivered us without incident and drove safely and responsibly. Just as previous participants in this trip have recommended it to us, we will recommend it to other yachties arriving in Turkey. Thanks again for a memorable experience. Could you pass these comments on to Koral Travel?
» Mike »
29/01/2014 2:08
Mesaj: -Hi Cem Thank you for arranging our short visit to Cappadocia last week. We were very p[leased with our driver and our guide. Everything went very well and we had very good weather for a Balloon ride on Thursday morning. Hussain promised to e-mail me with a list of sites we had visited and I would be grateful if you could "remind" him to do this. Best wishes, Mike
» Matthew »
29/01/2014 2:06
Mesaj: Good Day Mr. Menderes, Thank-you for the invoice. The Ephesus trips were amazing! The professionalism, knowledge, and hospitality that was exercised by your staff, tour guides, and drivers was extraordinary. The sites were beautiful as well. You will always be recommended by me. God Bless,
» Rob Tomkys »
29/01/2014 2:05
Mesaj: -Hi Menderes I am well thank you. The tour was great, everybody who went in the party enjoyed it. Tas was fantastic, as was the driver, Tansel. Cappadocia was stunning, Pamukkale less so as I remember it much larger when I visited some 16 years ago. Much of it seems to be ruined by too many visitors, which is sad. The only complaint I would have would be the quality of the hotel in Pamukkale, but I understand it was the best of a bad bunch. The food quality was appalling and the bar prices ridiculously high. Tas was very good, however, by passing on our complaints to the General Manager of the Hotel. Maybe it may be worth looking into missing Pamukkale and having an extra day in Cappadocia and find a different attraction to break the journey home. My wife and I will definitely use your services again, maybe for another group tour. We are certainly interested in the tour that Tas mentioned he was doing next week to Instanbul via the ancient city of Troy. I would be grateful if you would keep me in touch with details and dates for this tour around May or June next year. I could not find a link on your website to this or any other tours you do. Thanks once again for a brilliant tour. Kind regards